The Empowerment Toolkit: A knowledge repository to help you develop your empowerment as a part of an ENCI initiative.

This is a tool designed to help you better understand and practice the concept of empowerment within an Energy Citizenship (hereafter, ENCI) initiative. It includes a number of knowledge resources that have been produced by the EnergyPROSPECTS consortium over the last three years (2021-2024), customized to support your empowerment journey. The tool has been devised to be useful for citizens and practitioners, both those who feel capable and motivated to act in the energy system, though do not yet know how to approach this, and those who have already embarked upon their journey towards empowerment by participating in this ENCI initiative. What does this tool provide and how can it be used? As this is a tool aimed at a wide audience, we start by introducing you in a synthetic way to the core concept of this project: Energy Citizenship (hereafter ENCI) (full information here), as well as to the typology (full information here) that has been proposed within the project, which will serve as a common thread for many of the elements that will be addressed in the following. Feel free to skip this part if you are already familiar with it. We present you with a navigation scheme, where you can choose the path you want on your way to empowerment.






Selecting your path towards your empowerment journey

Here you have two paths you can follow on your empowerment journey. Below, we suggest that you answer a series of questions that are designed to help you make the decision regarding which path to choose. please click on the figure below to answer some questions that will help you select your pathway:


Once you have chosen the path with which you feel most identified, let’s go for it!