The ENCI concept and its typology: what it entails and why might be relevant for you?


In the context of the EnergyPROSPECTS project, energy citizenship (ENCI) has been formally defined as

[…] forms of civic involvement that pertain to the development of a more sustainable and democratic energy system. Beyond its manifest forms, energy citizenship (ENCI) also comprises various latent forms: it is an ideal that can be lived up to and realised to varying degrees, according to different framework conditions and states of empowerment (Pel et al., 2021, p.  4)

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This concept cover a highly heterogeneous pool of citizens that are actively involved in energy systems (individual agency in household, organisational and public settings, collective agency in citizen and hybrid collectives and social movements). Two key dimensions of ENCI derived from the conceptual framework: the agency (where and how) and the outcome-orientation (to what end).

Here you can find specific information regarding the ENCI-typology and some examples.