The policy brief produced by authors BinBin Pearce and Karin Thalberg highlights the crucial but often overlooked role of energy citizenship in the energy transition. Energy citizenship emphasizes the engagement and involvement of citizens in this transition, focusing on their rights and responsibilities towards achieving carbon neutrality. Despite the European Energy Union's goal to centralize citizens in this shift, there's still a significant need for actions that ensure an inclusive transition that benefits everyone. This brief emerges from the collective efforts of four Horizon 2020 projects (DIALOGUES, ENCLUDE, EC2, and EnergyPROSPECTS), advocating for an expanded view of citizens' roles beyond mere consumption or production. These projects engaged approximately 32,000 citizens in various activities to foster understanding and capacity-building around energy citizenship. The document synthesizes insights from these engagements, offering actionable recommendations for EU decision-makers and potentially influencing policies at national and local levels as well.

Joint policy brief_FILE