According to the latest Special Eurobarometer survey, 53% of respondents think that they could use less energy than they do now.

The survey was carried out between May and June 2022 and aimed at “Perceptions of the fairness of the ecological transition”. The survey reveals that the majority of Europeans — nearly nine out of ten respondents (88%) — agree that the ecological transition should leave no one behind. Half of Europeans (50%) believe that the EU is doing enough to ensure that the ecological transition is fair, 50% say the same of their regional, municipal or local public authorities, 47% of their national government and 43% of the business sector. 

Regarding the opportunities offered by the ecological transition, almost six out of ten respondents agree that policies to combat climate change will create more new jobs than they will eliminate and 61% believe that these jobs will be of good quality. 

When it comes to energy prices, the affordability of sustainable energy, products and services is a major concern. 93% of respondents consider the current level of energy prices for the citizens of their country to be a serious problem.

The Special Eurobarometer 527 was conducted as a joint survey by the European Commission and the European Parliament through face-to-face interviews between 30 May and 28 June 2022 in the 27 EU Member States. A total of 26,395 interviews were conducted in the EU27 Member States.

 Special Eurobarometer 527: Fairness perceptions of the green transition