General considerations regarding your empowerment journey


Empowerment refers to a set of skills and abilities that allow a person to act with autonomy in decision making. It is about taking control and influence over these decisions and to perceive yourself as effective in the actions undertaken. Empowerment is about being motivated to act, create and be part of the energy system. For more information about empowerment, please click HERE. 

Empowerment skills and capacities fluctuate between the individual and the collective:

  • You act collectively and participate in internal decision-making processes in certain organisations and in the wider energy system.
  • As a community, group and individual, you mobilise resources such as strategies, qualities, structures, or events to take control and make decisions on issues that affect your life and that of your community and society.


Please click HERE (Activity 1) to start your empowerment journey with a series of questions about yourself and your motivations. Next, let us focus on how to foster your individual and collective empowerment. Please, select your choice:



Finally, let us explore some resources & key points!