Fostering collective empowerment

Collective energy initiatives can offer you resources and services that contribute to your empowerment (click here to PDF 5 – Good practices).For example, they can improve your access to energy through shared energy production and management or help to amplify your voice in decision-making processes. Collective energy initiatives can also support you by providing relevant knowledge and fair conditions when using and buying energy. Equally, as part of a collective initiative you can encourage other consumers to act in the energy sector with the aim of achieving social, environmental and economic benefits on a local level. These are merely a few examples of how such energy citizenship initiatives can help you to advance your list of commitments. Thus, helping you to gain control, amplify your political voice, and act within an initiative and/or in the wider energy system.  Here, of course, we are referring to the diversity of roles and functions that you, as a citizen, can exercise within the energy system, either individually or through involvement in diverse initiatives.

I could do it myself, and I don't have any superpowers or special skills. You can do it too. Supporting this is what makes a little go a long way (Interview 23, individual energy citizen).


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