The EnergyPROSPECTS project, is pleased to announce the publication of the final conference report. This document represents a culmination of extensive research efforts and collaborative dialogue aimed at advancing the concept of energy citizenship within the framework of the European Green Deal.


Background and Objective

The final conference, convened in Brussels, served as an interdisciplinary platform for stakeholders from various sectors, including academia, policy, civil society, and industry, across 18 European countries and Turkey. The event facilitated a comprehensive exploration of energy citizenship, engaging 69 participants in a discourse on the roles, challenges, and future pathways for inclusive and democratic energy transitions.

Highlights of the Report

The report meticulously documents the proceedings of the conference, providing detailed insights into the discussions and thematic sessions that took place. It articulates the collective knowledge and findings of the EnergyPROSPECTS project and its sister initiatives, presenting understanding of energy citizenship's pivotal role in achieving a sustainable and democratic energy future.

The report introduces the Joint Policy Brief on Energy Citizenship, a document synthesizing strategic visions and actionable recommendations for integrating energy citizenship into policy and practice. This brief emerges as a cornerstone of the conference's outcomes, proposing frameworks for enhancing citizen engagement in the energy transition.