On January 26, a high-level expert forum was held in Riga on the topic "Is the implementation of the Green Deal an opportunity for improving the quality of the social ecosystem in Latvian municipalities and local communities?"

The event discussed various aspects of the Green Deal from the perspective of its stakeholders: the European Commission, ministries, entrepreneurs, the banking sector, municipalities, scientists and local communities. The event was also important from the point of view of energy citizenship communities, so the EnergyProspects researchers Dr. Janis Brizga and Dr. Erika Lagzdina from the University of Latvia participated in the event. Local governments emphasized that important factors hindering green transition are lack of trust, bureaucratic and informational obstacles, limited availability of funding and suitability of renewables technological solutions. These factors largely agree with the results of the EnergyProspects PESTEL analysis. It was concluded that the Green Deal positively affects the values and business models of communities, however, it is essential to find compromises between interests and opportunities and to motivate communities by showing their benefits. Citizens' awareness and belief in the possibility of changing politics through their participation is important for a successful communities, including energy communities.